Lose weight, ditch the diet, and learn how to build a sustainable nutrition and fitness lifestyle

The B Fit Bootcamp is a 6 week, nutrition coaching & workout accountability program designed for women who want to accelerate their fat loss journey and see results.

At the end of 6 weeks you’ll learn what to eat for your specific body type, form a new, lasting relationship with food, and develop a flexible and sustainable routine for smarter fitness training.


Are you ready

to feel energized, healthy, and

confident for Life?

Are you stuck in a plateau with no clue how to continue moving forward?

Are you hanging on to the
all-or-nothing food mentality, cutting out
all sugar, alcohol, or entire food groups until it becomes too hard and you just give up completely?

Are You Fed Up Feeling like a complete failure when you can’t stick to a diet long enough to see results?

Oh, I’ve been there…

Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m a physical therapist assistant turned certified health and wellness coach. I created the B Fit Bootcamp because I know how confusing weight loss can be especially when you also have physical limitations or past injury and I wanted to provide a straightforward, research based solution to your struggle.

9 years ago I was trapped in a cycle that was toxic and unsustainable.

I thought the only way to lose weight was to spend hours in the gym and eat as little as possible. Limiting carbs and living off chicken and broccoli. Traveling, parties, and being in social situations where food was out of my control sent me on a downward spiral. I would restrict myself from foods I love until I could no longer hold out and then emotionally eat and criticize myself until it was time to start again..

I was exhausted. Stressed. Frustrated. I thought I would never get off the hamster wheel of dieting.

It was miserable. All that work and I didnt even like myself.

It’s time to put yourself first & end the cycle of failed dieting


  • You had the knowledge & tools you need to feel energized, healthy, and confident for life


  • You knew exactly what to eat to lose fat and keep it off for good


  • You woke up each day feeling energized, healthy, and confident in your own skin – loving your lifestyle and the body you worked hard to build


  • You didn’t have to spend hours on a treadmill or cut out entire food groups in order to get results.

Reach your ideal body weight the healthy way

B Fit Health & Wellness, LLC